His Gas Delivery Biz Was Started To Employ B40s, Now They Deliver 6k Cylinders/Month

Suthan Mookaiah’s main reason for starting BeliGas 6 months ago was to provide immediate employment in a “pandemic-proof” business for B40 Malaysians who’d lost their jobs. At the same time, he could see his LPG gas delivery business solving multiple problems directly related to the industry too. The “crazy fluctuation” of prices and the substandard…(Continue Reading)

Watch Reruns of ‘90s Cartoons While You Work

All those ‘90s babies grew up with the best childhood cartoons—shows so beloved they continue to remake them to this day. Recently we’ve seen reboots of Duck Tales, Animaniacs, and Ren and Stimpy, not to mention the many iterations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But nothing really beats the originals. In 2021,… Read more…